Thermoplastic refrigerant hoses with companion valves

Elastomere Kältemittelleitungen mit Anschlussarmaturen Generation IV

with companion valves of the GENERATION I

Thermoplastischer Kältemittelschlauch mit Anschlussarmaturen Generation II/III

with companion valves of the GENERATION II / III

Thermoplastischer Kältemittelschlauch mit Anschlussarmaturen Generation IV

with companion valves of the GEBERATION IV

We manufacture the hoses in customized lengths up to 20 m. The flexible lines with two stop valves are evacuated or, if required, are supplied prefilled with the appropriate refrigerant.

Technical-constructive features:

The polyethylene-based hoses meet the requirements of DIN EN 378-2 item d) Plastics. The needs of EN 1736:2009-02 Refrigerating systems and heat pumps – Flexible pipe fittings, vibration absorbers, expansion joints and non-metallic hoses – Requirements, design and installation are fully met. In addition, the permeability of the best class defined in the standard is at least maintained.

The inner core of the hoses is made of elastomer polyamide. The reinforcement braid made of high-strength polyester yarn (PET) and the micro-perforated anti-abrasion polyurethane cover (PU) gives the hose high compressive strength and resistance to surface abrasion.

The insulation is encased in a challenging, UV-stable shell. Dimensions and tolerances comply with EN 14313:2015, Tables 1 and 2. The fire behavior corresponds to Euroclass, BL-s1, d0 (flame retardant), classified according to EN 13501-1.

Areas of application

Thermoplastic refrigerant lines have a larger bending radius than comparable hoses made of elastomeric material but have much lower permeabilities. They are mainly chosen when the tightness of the installations is a priority and the larger radii can be tolerated:

  • for safe, simple and time-saving relocation of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems and heat pumps
  • particularly suitable for temporary installations where fixed lines installations are unsuitable
Thermoplastischer Kältemittelschlauch mit Absperrventilen
Spezifikation thermoplastischer Kältemittelschlauch
Spezifikation der ColdLineRohrisolierung
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